Let me tell you about myself. I am a wife and a mom of 3 precious children. A boy who is ALL boy, and two very girly girls who are very opposite of each other. My husband is youth and missions pastor at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace and we have been serving there for 18 years as well as with our missions organization for over 15 years. I have the blessing to home school our 3 kids.

I have enjoyed taking pictures since I can remember and as I get older I appreciate capturing the moments that we have with those who we love. I believe that these moments are a gift from God and it is a passion of mine capture them. Hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do. If you are interested in allowing me the privilege of photographing your family I would love to.

I place a high value of the importance of not only capturing amazing and cherished moments with your loved ones, but having tangible art and albums that are heirlooms for your family to have for years to come. Technology is always changing and become less and less dependable whether you store your files on a CD, USB, hard drive or the cloud.  How many times have you lost or can no longer load you images on your computer? Did you ever really do anything with your digital images like you had hoped?  I seek to provide my clients with beautiful wall art whether its prints, canvas or metal fine art.  We provide beautiful albums or phonebooks designed with care.